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The wind industry have well rehearsed presentations to tell you house prices are not affected by turbine, but they never provide evidence to show no impact on homes closer than 2km.  

Common sense says that putting a 400 foot industrial structure near to a house in the county will reduce its value.

If pylons reduce property value then so must turbines which are twice as high.

An in-depth study of property prices near to over head transmission lines and electricity pylons showed significant reduction.

In which case you would expect a turbine twice as high to reduce property values.

The research was carried out by the same team that conducted some of the research into wind turbines. It is surprising that the authors of the report were able to reach such a clear conclusion about pylons and not find one for turbines which are larger and more obtrusive.

Read the report here

Lincolnshire - Valuation tribunal accepts loss due to turbines

Jane Davis was granted a reduction on her council tax because of a turbine 1,000 metres away. During the hearing estate agents said no one is likely to buy the home because of the turbines. The ruling has been seen by the property market as an “effective admission” that wind farms – often accused of spoiling views and creating annoying noises – have a negative effect on house prices.
Watch the BBC News report.        Read the press report.

Sweden 30% house value fall on planning application going in -

In Denmark there is a compensation scheme whereby the wind farm owners have to pay homeowners for loss of value of property. Danish owners of holiday homes in Sweden are complaining that there is no such scheme in Sweden and that holiday homes within 2km of a turbine are un-saleable. An experienced estate agent, after having consulted many of his Swedish colleagues, informed that just a letter applying for erection of a wind mill in the vicinity immediately depreciated the value of the property by 30 per cent.
                                                                          Read more here

Texas -25% price drop -

This study was undertaken by looking at pairs of similar properties, with one close to a turbine and the other well away. They found a 25% drop for houses within 1.8 miles. While there are only a small number there are pictures of the properties and you can see why such a drop is credible. For example one property is a - 350 acres ranch/retirement homestead … 27 wind turbines within 1-1/2 mile radius …
• Prospective buyer agreed to sales price.
• Disclosure of wind turbine project to buyer, Buyer backed out of offer.
• Seller agreed to 25% discount to Buyer, Buyer declined discounted offer.
• Little interest in property in spite of other characteristics.

                                                    Read more here                         More information

California - house prices reduced by $48,000

A study of 600 property sales showed :-

The days on market was more than double for those properties within a 3 mile windmill zone
The sold price was on average $48,000 lower inside the windmill zones than those outside
The number of homes not absorbed (not sold) was 11% vs 3%

Read more here           

Denmark - Compensation scheme for home owners when property value falls due to wind farm

An erector of a wind turbine has a duty to pay compensation for loss of value of real property following the erection of the wind turbine. The size of the loss of value is determined by an appraisal authority

See the Danish Government web site with details of the scheme

Lake District - Seller sued for damages because he did not disclose wind farm plans - Giant blades slicing prices

District Judge Michael Buckley said that the noise, visual intrusion and flickering of light through the blades of turbines reduced the value of a house by a fifth. He said that the value of a remote house in Marton, in the Lake District, fell significantly because of the construction of a wind farm of seven 40m-high turbines 500 metres away.             More information         Daily Telegraph      and       case notes

France - Vendor prosecuted for not telling buyer about wind farm plan

‘The judges determined that the seller “knowingly kept silent” about crucial information for establishing the price of the property and the nature of which puts into question the sales contract. The seller “hid from the buyers the existence of the plan for a wind energy park that has a strong chance of seeing the light of day, the construction permit having been signed May 15, 2007, and is therefore not hypothetical …”.’

‘The judgement confirms the visible harm and noise entailed by the proximity of the wind turbines, determining “that the property will experience a loss of value of about 20%”. Therefore the sum of €36,000 was given to the buyers, the sum corresponding to the lost market value of the property.’

                                        Read more about this case and others here

Mr Joseph Yunk Wisconsin USA - Noise problems leading to loss of property value. Cows died.

Two turbines within half a mile. He suffered severe noise problems. The wind farm company bought out two neighbours properties due to the problems. Ten of his cows died for no apparent reason. He sued the Wind farm company and they eventually settled by buying his property. They then put it back on the market at a 30% discount.

“From my experience in living in this wind farm, it is apparent that setback away from property lines is absolutely necessary. I could hear the turbines a mile away from my house.”

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- homes near wind farms lose  value

This is not just a UK problem - as our case studies show.

UK Kessingland - property loses £100,00 due to turbine

“The house wouldn’t sell because of the turbines which you could see and hear from the home. The authorities just ignored the problem. “

Read more about this case

Wind Industry big lie number 2 - Your property value will not be affected

Read what Delingpole has to say in the Telegraph

Watch him on u -tube

And the Welsh are even singing about it. Listen on u-tube.

This is not a new problem

It has been known for over 10 years and consistently denied by the wind industry. To see examples of statements from 10 years ago Click here.